Flag flying for Momma and Michael SchaferNocker

A lighted 30 foot flag pole was installed by church members in cooperation with a local Boy Scout troop to honor Momma and Michael, and to show our patriotism for our country.

The dedication ceremony included speakers who knew Momma well - many tears were shed as her and Michael's stories were told.

The flag flies 24 hours per day for all to see.

More about Michael and Seawolves is below.

The US NAVY Seawolves - Special unrecognized heroes

Michael Schafernocker was a member of the US Navy Seawolves unit in Vietnam - he was a door gunner - a one man weapons system that supported and protected any US forces in the Mekong Delta - Navy Seals, Army, Swift Boats, and Special Operations forces.

Fourty years after the fact, a movie was made about the Seawolves called Scramble The Seawolves - a documentary about the elite unit that was created to fill a special role of war - was created in Vietnam and was disbanded in Vietnam - no residence or activity on US soil.

Unfortunately 44 members of the Seawolves were lost - Michael Schafernocker was 1 of those 44.  His mother, Dorothy, worked tirelessly for decades to make America aware of our veterans - and unfortunately she passed away before the movie was completed.

Click here to see a "trailer" about the movie.

It is available at "scrambletheseawolves.com" on Blu Ray.

Another Seawolves video - about 7 minutes.


And god was there

A Poem Written by Michael Schafernocker

Look God
I Have Never Spoken To You
But Now I Want To Say
"How Do You Do"

You See God
They Told Me You Did Not Exist
And, Like A Fool
I Believed All Of This

Last Night From A Shell Hole
I Saw Your Sky
I Figured Right Then
They Had Told Me A Lie

Had I Taken The Time
To See The Things You Made
I Would Know They Weren't Calling
A Spade A Spade

I Wonder, God
If You Would Shake My Hand
Somehow, I Feel
That You Will Understand

Strange, I Had To Come
To This Hellish Place
Before I Had Time To See Your Face

Well, I Guess There Isn't
Much More To Say
But I Am Glad, God
I Met You Today

I Guess The Zero Hour
Will Soon Be Here
But I Am Not Afraid
Since I Know You Are Near

The Signal - Well, God
I Will Have To Go
I Love You Lots'
This I Want You To Know

Looks Like This Will Be
A Horrible Fight
Who Knows, I May Come
To Your House Tonight

Though I Wasn't Friendly
With You Before
I Wonder, God
If You Would Wait At The Door

Look I Am Crying
Me Shedding Tears!!
I Wish I Had Known You
These Many Years

Well, I Will Have To Go Now, God
Strange, Since I Met You
I Am Not Araid To Die

Shades Of Laughter... Shades Of Love
Circling All Of Us... With Arms Of Love

Don't Cry Momma... I Love You Still
I Always Have And I Always Will

When You Cross The Big Divide
I Promise... I'll Be The First One By Your Side!

Michael - the "Seawolf"

We HONOR and respect our veterans

Click on the picture to see a video - JUST A COMMON SOLDIER.

The video is about 5 minutes in length, is beautifully done, and provides a wonderful narrative by Tony Lo Bianco - an accomplished actor who tells a great story about our unforgotten veterans.

It takes a few seconds for the video to download and begin streaming - but it is well worth the wait.

GOD BLESS AMERICA and our Veterans.