Our Mission - Love, Praise, and Serve

DIDO UMC was founded in 1959 - a tiny church that is today a small church "on the hill" anchored by an older congregation that has been with the church for many years / decades, longer than many members realize and may not want to admit, especially our women members - although they are proud to be senior citizens of our community and very proud of our church.

Love, Praise, and Serve are fundamental principles of our beliefs and our work within the community.

Receive & Share the Love of the LORD

Praise the LORD through prayer, worship & study

Serve GOD in obedience & your neighbor in care & kindness

We Serve Our Community

The church members in the photo are preparing "snack packs" for one of our local elementary schools as many of the children are from families that struggle to provide all the necessities for the children.

In addition, some of our members tutor at the same school - math and reading.

We also provide necessities and cookies for our military personnel who are away from home serving in other countries.

For Easter and Christmas, we provide community events for children, to include gifts for children and family members in need.

Meet Claire - and Her Work

Click picture to see Claire's postings.

Claire is special to us - a dedicated tireless "angel"  who exemplifies the role of a "true disciple".  She is the the "shepherd" for our young children.  She prays "with and for all of us" - it's who she is. 

We recognize her as "the one" who will "step up" and go the extra mile for the church, individuals, and for reaching out to the community.

Our children LOVE Claire - we all do.

Her children's messages are informative, presented with a light and joyous heart - often very funny, and interactive with the children.  Our adults enjoy Claire, the children, and learn from both.