The children in our church are very important - because they are our future.

It is vital that our children are taught about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe it is important to reinforce what they are taught at home by their parents.

Each Sunday, there is a special "children's sermon" just for them that shows how God is an important part of their everyday life.

We stress how they can honor God every day by their words and actions.

CHildren's Sermon


Do you know what the word responsibility means?

It's an obligation to do something.  It's accountability for something.  Or having control or care of someone.

As Americans, we are free, but we have a responsibility.  What we say, and how we act says a lot about what we believe.

Just like being a Christian, we are free but we have a responsibility.  You can learn a lot about a person just by watching them.

If they are rude, mean, use bad language, and mistreat others, then you know they are not someone you want to be good friends with.

Jesus teaches us to love and serve on another.  It's easy to love your mother and father, they are your family.

It's not easy to love everyone, even the mean kid, but Jesus did.  He loved every single person, good or bad.

This coming week, let's be more aware of what we say, and how we act.

Tanner and Hunter are special - as children and grand children.

Just ask Dave and Colleen, their grand parents.