Luka & Felicia Bittrus

DIDO UMC supports a village in Nigeria, working closely with Pastor Luka Bittrus and the church he serves.

Luka and Felecia Bittrus will speak to the DIDO UMC congregation on Sunday, July 14, about Nigeria, their worship and culture, and why our support for their causes and Christianity is important.

War in Nigeria

UMC Church Burned

Recent war actions in Nigeria have destroyed the village of Yaukani, Nigeria, including the UMC church that Dido UMC supports as a missionary project.

Luka's family and most of the villagers have fled to safe areas and are in need of financial and material support.

DIDO UMC recently sent $1,200 to Luka to help with food and clothing for church members and villagers.

Numerous other non-Methodist churches and villages in the region have also been destroyed by the war.