Katy is great - a very talented professional musician who has recorded multiple religious albums, teaches piano to talented young students, and has been nominated for a Grammy.

She applies her creative talents to prepare custom music and songs for Easter and Christmas - both of which are special times for our church.

Below you will find descriptions and links for her "favorite songs", audio for some  of her album recordings, the story of God in her life, and her battle with a life threatening disease.

Katy's Corner

My Favorite Songs

There are so many wonderful, powerful, and inspirational songs I love - here are a few.

Those with * have links to Youtube videos (please pardon the popups - the music is great).

It's Me, It's Me O Lord*

More Precious Than Silver

Revelation Song*

Revelation Song International*

How Great Is Our God

Here I Am

A  few recordings

Links to songs I have recorded, special favorites and others - available on CD.

Rock of Ages

Salvation Song


god in my life

My personal journey....

The battle of my life

Miracles do happen - my life's journey is proof.